COVID-19 Resources

As an Essential Healthcare Service, Northland Rehab is OPEN and continues to provide safe, effective and exceptional patient care to our patients either In-Clinic or Virtually(Telehealth).

Virtual Visits:

Virtual visits are performed by one of our licensed Physical therapists for one on one care without having to leave the safety of your own home!

Our virtual care is performed on a HIPAA secure platform that works similarly to Facetime. Due to the pandemic, many insurance companies have adapted coverage policies and are covering Virtual Visits the same as in-clinic visits!   

In-Clinic Visits:

For our patients who need to be seen in person, we will still have our doors open and follow all CDC guidelines/recommendations to ensure your safety.

Per CDC guidelines all therapists wear masks while treating patients and we encourage patients to bring and wear a mask when they come in for their visit

Here are a few examples of ways we can help you right now:

  • Assisting with lower back pain from sitting all day

  • Surgery preparation for procedures cancelled or postponed

  • Remote(home) workstation set up – Ergonomic assessment

  • Exercise progression

  • Teaching self-mobilization techniques

  • New aches and pains from an altered exercise routine

  • Injury prevention plan so that once activities resume your body is prepared